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About Kajol

About Me.


I'm 20 years old, born and raised in Sydney Australia. I am from Western Sydney, New South Wales. 

Since I was a small child, I have been passionate about the art of henna. Using a henna cone, I first began drawing when I was just ten years old. As a young child growing up in Australia, it came pretty naturally to me, and I had the best possible practical experience. I had numerous opportunities to witness and learn about the use of henna, including weddings, festivals, gatherings, and casual occasions. As I became older, I expanded my exploration and developed on what I had been exposed to. I received requests to design decorations for events as a result of people being interested in my artwork. Over time, I considered how important it would be to turn the entire endeavour into a part-time job rather than just a pastime. 

History -

Growing up in Australia, my parents were always fascinated and felt driven in a sense by nature because of their origins and beginnings.  My parents were born and raised in Fiji and worked as farmers. They had to move to Australia because of my beautiful sister who was born in 1994 with a very rare disability as there was insufficient resources which could provide the necessary medical help in Fiji.


My sister now is my only inspiration in life and despite not being able to speak, she has always communicated with me through her heart and has taught me so much. My family has raised me to be respectful and responsible to mother nature.  As a Fijian descendent, nature has always been an important belief in our culture and religion. 

      - Kajol A Chand

About Henna

Henna was once only used on the hands and feet of women, but it has recently evolved into a fashionable tattoo in western culture. Henna has historically played an important role in wedding customs across civilisations.

We recognise the necessity to only use 100% natural and secure henna because we are a respected business with extensive expertise utilising the henna dye to create flawless and distinctive designs for many applications.

Henna has been used for centuries to enhance beauty and the value of the human body. Henna application is one of the most well-liked and secure body art techniques available today, and it's gaining popularity not just in Eastern but also Western nations. Everyone now appreciates the elegance of the fine, intricate lines and the striking reddish-brown colour.

Lawsonia inermis, a tropical or shrub that produces henna (also called mehndi), offers natural dyeing and conditioning benefits. On many parts of the body, elaborate ethnic or modern designs can be formed using the paste obtained from the dried and powdered leaves of the henna plant.

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