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Bridal Henna

All of this innovates the artwork from being purely tradition, to something uniquely yours. Your henna might fade quickly depending on your skin. However after your wedding celebrations are over, the memories and wedding pictures will last a lifetime.

Travel costs:

Starting @ $10-$40

Deposit of $20 before your Henna Session



Includes basic, personalised components in an Indo-Arabic henna style. extends just past the wrists and is matched with handbacks that have a similar design.

(1-2 hours)

 $75 (Two sides)  $150 (All 4 Sides)


Intricate Minimal

Includes fully detailed and elaborate wrist designs, tops of the hands, and full and exquisite palm decorations. identical in length as the Minimalist bundle, but more complex

(1-2.5 hours)

$100 (2 sides)  $200 (All 4 Sides)


Minimalist Feet

Henna on the foot that is basic and minimalistic. Both rigid and flowing designs are available to brides. This is ideal for brides who want to draw more attention to their hands!

(1 hour)

Starting from $35 



includes lengthy and detailed henna on the backs of the hands, as well as intricate designs on the palms and halfway up the forearm.

(1-3.5 hours)

$160 (2 sides) $320 (All 4 Sides)



includes detailed and personalised henna on the palms, forearms, and backs of the hands. The forearms are covered from the wrist to the elbow.

(4-6 hours)

ON SPECIAL! $485 all 4 sides!


Intricate Feet

This pattern has the same length as the "Minimalist" but it is more filled out. Perfect for individuals who want to complement a hefty arm design with a heavy foot design.

(1 -2 hours)

Starting from $100


Our Special Bridal Package!

Maharani Collection with Minimalist Feet henna for only 



Does not include travel cost!

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